Added value with dot pin marking

 As of July 2017 Expander system will introduce a dot pin marking on each pivot pin including the Expander System brand, the lot number and part number. This new feature offers added value for the users since it improves traceability and control.

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For further info, please contact Thomas Persson Division Director Expander,, phone +46 70 267 69 91. .



Once and for all

Pivots will begin to wear in all machinery and equipment. Even with close original tolerances, the holes in the lugs will become oval over time. The wear process will accelerate. When the fasteners are tightened, the slitted sleeves are pushed down over the tapered ends of the axle, expanding parallelly to lock the Expander System in the pivot. With the Expander System in your machinery pivots the problem of wear belongs to the history books. The wear problem is eliminated. Double sided locking increases stability and safety. Fitting and dismounting is simple.

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